The Laced Wyandotte Club

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Breed Standard


Carriage: Graceful, well balanced, alert and active, but docile.

Type: Body short and deep with well-rounded sides. Back, broad and short with full and broad saddle rising with a concave sweep to the tail. Breast full, broad and round with a straight keel bone. Wings of medium size, nicely folded to the side. Tail medium size but full and spread at the base, the main feathers carried rather upright, the sickles of medium length.

Head: Short and broad. Beak stout and well curved. Eyes, intelligent and prominent. Comb, rose, firmly and evenly set on head, medium in height and width, low, and square at front, gradually tapering towards the back and terminating in a well-defined spike (or leader) which should follow the curve of the neck without any upward tendency. The top should be oval and covered with small and rounded points; the side outline being convex to conform to the shape of the skull. Face smooth and fine in texture. Ear-lobes oblong, wattles medium length, fine in texture.

Neck: Of medium length and well arched with full hackle.

Legs and feet: Thighs of medium length, well covered with soft feathers; the fluff fairly close and silky. Shanks medium in length, strong, well rounded, good quality, and free of feather or fluff. Toes, four, straight and well spread.

Plumage: Fairly close and silky, not too abundant or fluffy.



The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.

General characteristics