The Laced Wyandotte Club

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Silver Laced

Male Plumage: Silvery-white with black markings; Head: Silvery-white; Neck, Hackles and Saddle: Silvery-white with distinct black stripe through the centre of each feather (white at centre of black stripe is permissible), free from ticks; Back and Shoulders: Silvery-white, free from yellow or straw colour; Wings: Bows - silvery-white; Wing coverts - evenly laced, forming at least two well defined bars; Secondaries - black on inner and wide white strip on outer web, the edge laced with black; Primaries - black on inner web and broadly laced white on outer edge; Breast and Thighs: The web white with well-defined black lacing, free from double or white outer lacing, lacing regular from throat to back of thighs, showing green lustre; Undercolour: Dark slate; Tail: True tail feathers, sickles and coverts black with green lustre; Fluff: Black or dark slate.


Female Plumage: Head, Neck and Hackle: As in the cock; Breast, back and thighs: Undercolour dark slate, web white with regular, well defined black lacing, free from double or outer lacing and showing green lustre; Wings: Same as back on the broad portion; secondaries and primaries as in the cock; Tail: Black showing green lustre, the coverts black with a white centre to each feather; Fluff: As in the cock.